2nd 9 Weeks Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 34421)

2nd Nine Weeks Exam Review.

This volcano has both explosive and non-explosive eruptions
a) shield
b) lava dome
c) cinder cone
d) composite

A __ forms when a river flows into an ocean or lake and drops its sediment.
a) alluvial fan
b) delta
c) kettle
d) oxbow lake

Which of the following is not responsible for helping shape our region?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) karst topography

Earthquakes happen where there are cracks in the Earth's crust called ___.
a) plates
b) subduction zones
c) faults
d) trenches

Explosive volcanic eruptions have magma that is
a) thin with high silica and low viscosity
b) thin with low silica and low viscosity
c) thick with low silica and low viscosity
d) thick with high silica and high viscosity

Which seismic wave is the first to arrive?
a) aftershock
b) p-wave
c) surface wave
d) s-wave

Which of the following processes can build up Earth's surface?
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) trenches
d) volcanoes

What causes the plates to move?
a) sea-floor spreading
b) pressures within Earth
c) convection currents
d) earthquakes

Plates crash into each other at a ___ boundary.
a) convergent
b) transform
c) divergent
d) transfer

___ and __ _ work together to wear down rocks, including entire mountain ranges.
a) Weathering and erosion
b) Erosion and deposition
c) Weathering and deposition
d) Deposition and gravity

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