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What percent of Earth\'s water is Freshwater?
a) 97%
b) 50%
c) 3%
d) 13%

The greatest amount of freshwater on Earth is found
a) lakes and rivers
b) oceans and seas
c) ground
d) glaciers and polar ice cap

Ocean water differs from freshwater in that it has
a) a higher temperature.
b) a lower temperature.
c) a higer concentration of sodium chloride.
d) a higher concentration of silicon dioxide.

Which of the following describes an aquifer's ability to allow water to flow through?
a) porosity
b) permeability
c) geology
d) recharge zone

wells differ from springs in that wells
a) it brings water to the surface from underground
b) form above ground
c) made by humans
d) is naturally occurring

Artesian springs flow through a
a) saturation zone
b) cap rock
c) impermeable rock
d) discharge

A body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater is
a) a water table
b) recharge zone
c) aquifer
d) zone of aeration

Tributaries are
a) rivers and streams
b) water and sediment
c) precipiation and runoff
d) evaporation and condensation

The water table if found between what two areas?
a) areas of runoff and groundwater
b) deltas and alluvial plains
c) zones of aeration and saturation
d) surface and lake

Watersheds are separated from each other by a
a) tributary
b) stream
c) divide
d) basin

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