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President Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 24, 1945, while sitting for a portrait at the Little White House in
a) Hyde Park, New York.
b) Camp David, Pennsylvania.
c) Warm Springs, Georgia
d) LaGrange, Georgia

Which was not a major military installation in Georgia during World War II?
a) Fort Benning, Georgia
b) Camp Gordon, Georgia
c) Kings Bay Nuclear Sub Base, Georgia
d) Warner Robbins Air Base, Georgia

How did Italy become a member of the Allied Powers during World War II?
a) Their leader, Mussolini, defected to Germany.
b) The Italian people overthrew their leader and joined the Allies.
c) Mussolini signed a treaty with Great Britain and the United States.
d) Italy had a defense agreement with the United States that went into effect when we joined the war.

Why did President Franklin D. Roosevelt spend so much time in Georgia?
a) The warm mineral waters of Warm Springs helped his polio
b) Roosevelt was a native of Augusta.
c) Roosevelt had originally been a farmer and loved farm life.
d) Roosevelt’s wife was a native of Calhoun.

Which countries were members of the Axis Powers in World War II?
a) Germany, Italy, Japan
b) United States, Great Britain, France
c) Soviet Union, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia
d) Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain

Which dictator was the leader of Germany during World War II?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Benito Mussolini
c) Adolph Hitler
d) Emperor Hirohito

Which statement best describes the involvement of the United States in World War II before the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
a) The United States provided lend-lease aid to Great Britain and the Soviet Union.
b) The United States maintained strict neutrality with no favoritism.
c) The United States provided advisory troops to aid Great Britain.
d) The United States secretly sank German submarines.

Before World War II, the United States did all of the following except
a) refuse to export airplanes and aircraft parts to Japan.
b) refuse to provide or sell aircraft gasoline to Japan
c) seize Japanese property in the United States.
d) attack Japanese military installations.

Before it officially entered World War II, the United States helped Great Britain by
a) selling and leasing ships, arms, and supplies.
b) sinking German submarines that attacked British ships.
c) escorting British merchant ships in the Pacific.
d) escorting British warships in Atlantic waters.

During World War II, women did not
a) serve as test pilots.
b) pilot new planes to military bases.
c) serve as nurses and clerks.
d) fly combat missions.

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