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If you don\'t know what you are doing in a lab
a) proceed with confidence anyway!
b) lift your hands to the heavens and shout
c) read the lab then ask the teacher if you still have questions
d) ask your friend who wasn't listening either

The bigger the __________ in an experiment, the better.
a) sample size
b) lab
c) hospital bill
d) explosion

Changed by the researcher
a) control group
b) dependent variable
c) data
d) independent variable

Used to measure volume
a) watch
b) graduated cylinder
c) ruler
d) balance

Unit of volume
a) inch
b) liter
c) gram
d) meter

Data that involves counting or measuring
a) quantitative
b) valid
c) analytical
d) qualitative

Best shows events over time
a) histogram
b) data table
c) pie chart
d) line graph

Using science to improve lives
a) greedy
b) vandalism
c) pure science
d) technology

Using senses to gather data
a) guessing
b) thinking
c) sniffing
d) observing

Best source for current medical information
a) National Enquirer
b) peer-reviewed websites such as Web MD or Mayo Clinic
c) your friend
d) encyclopedia

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