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A ___________ protrudes perpendicular from shore to protect a harbor.
a) jetty
b) seawall
c) groin
d) breakwater

A_________ creates an artificial calm water lagoon
a) jetty
b) seawall
c) groin
d) breakwater

Changes and problems caused by human built structures intended to protect the coastline include
a) blocking longshore drift
b) causing unnatural sand depletion and accumulation
c) excess erosion at the end of sea walls
d) all of the answers are correct

Beach re nourishment is
a) feeding beach organisms by adding nutrients to the sand
b) carrying sand away from where its going to erode anyway
c) bringing in sand from somewhere else to replenish eroded sand
d) none of the above

Solution to problems created by human built coastal structures appears to be
a) increasing funding to beach renourishment
b) abandon coastal living
c) new technologies that counter natural processes
d) None of the answers are correct

A ___________ is a artificial protrusion that is perpendicular to a shore without a harbor
a) groin
b) breakwater
c) seawall
d) jetty

A ____________ runs parallel to the shore and stands at the waters along the shore or at the top of a beach and protects the land from erosion
a) jetty
b) seawall
c) beakwater
d) groin

What was the first name of Bishop McGuinness High School
a) Bishop McGuinness Memorial High School
b) Villa Marie Anna
c) Winston Salem Catholic High

What time does school start at Bishop
a) 8.30am
b) 8.30pm
c) whenever I arrive

How long do students have inbetween classes
a) as long as it takes
b) 4 minutes
c) 3 minutes

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