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A spit forms when wave refraction slows a long shore current, allowing the sand to settle out
a) true
b) false

A tombolo forms when wave refraction slows, sand settles out, and two spits grow together
a) true
b) false

Barrier Islands form
a) due to sand accumulation or as sand dunes after sea level rises
b) due to subduction of sea bottom
c) due to random chance
d) due to evolution

A typical barrier island has 5 features that are
a) lagoon, salt marsh, barrier flat, dune, and ocean beach
b) magoo, salt marsh, barrier flat, dune and ocean beach
c) lagoon, salt martian, barrier flat, dune, and ocean beach
d) lagoon, salt marsh, barrier flat, dude, and ocean beach

Which type of delta is triangular
a) river dominated
b) tode dominated
c) wave dominated
d) all deltas are triangular

The part of a coral polyp that creates the structure of the coral reef is
a) exoskeleton
b) fecal waste
c) sand
d) endoskeleton

A(n) ____________ stands away from shore and has a lagoon between it and the main coast
a) fringing reef
b) barrier reef
c) atoll reef
d) all of the above

A plant community requires what wave characteristic
a) high energy
b) a southward flow
c) a northward flow
d) low energy

Mangroves affect the coast by
a) absorbing wave energy and holding sediment
b) generating backlash
c) creating waves
d) being earthquake prone

Humans modify the coast because
a) they create new coastal structures and protect exisitng coastal structures
b) to preserve natural conditions
c) to preserve and protect wildlife populations

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