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What is a variable in an experiment?
a) A variable describes what factor stays the same in an experiment.
b) A variable describes what factor changes in an experiment.
c) A variable describes the outcome or conclusion of the experiment.
d) A variable describes what the student is trying to solve in an experiment.

We hear the sound of our voice because our ________ vibrates.
a) vocal chords
b) throat
c) wind pipes
d) ear canal

All of the following are examples of simple machines EXCEPT __________?
a) screw
b) flag pole pulley
c) pencil sharpener
d) axe

On a hot summer day, a light colored shirt would be cooler to wear because _____
a) light colors absorb the sun's rays
b) light shirts are heavier than dark shirts
c) light colors make the sun bright
d) light colors reflect the sun's rays

At what point on a roller coaster do you have the most potential energy?
a) At the top of the hill
b) Going down the slope of the hill
c) Going up the slope of the hill
d) At the very bottom of te hill

What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?
a) Potential and kinetic energy are stored energy.
b) Potential energy is stored energy while kinetic energy is energy of motion.
c) Potential energy is energy of motion while kinetic energy is stored energy.
d) Potential energy and kinetic energy are energy of motion.

All of the following are examples of SLOW changes to land except __________?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) volcanic eruption
d) deposition

What force causes blood to run down your nose when you have a nose bleed?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) manetism
d) acceleration

When the North (N) pole of a bar magnet is placed next to the South (S) pole of another bar magnet, the magnets will _________?
a) attract
b) repel
c) do nothing
d) flip over

Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy?
a) A roller coaster car going down the hill
b) A diver standing on the end of the diving board
c) A baseball player at bat waiting for the pitch
d) A soccer ball caught that is in the hands of the goalie

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