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Light bouncing back off of a mirror is called ________?
a) reflection
b) displacement
c) absorption
d) refraction

Which group of items are all conductors?
a) eraser, metal key, nail
b) plastic hanger, copper penny, screw
c) copper penny, house key, screw
d) pen, spoon, plastic comb

What does the word decompose mean?
a) to erode; carry away
b) to get older
c) to get larger
d) to break down; decay

Sound is caused by vibrations. What are vibrations?
a) electrons flowing through a closed circuit
b) not here
c) rapid back and forth movement of molecules
d) stretching of molecules in an object

Coal is a fossil fuel that takes millions of years to be replaced after it is used. What type of resource is coal?
a) nonrenewable resource
b) inexhaustible resource
c) extinct resource
d) renewable resource

Which group of tools have lenses to refract light?
a) binocular, mirror
b) none of them
c) microscope, camera
d) mirror, microscope

Which material is an example of an insulator?
a) water
b) copper
c) aluminum foil
d) rubber

When plants decompose, the dead plant material breaks down and help to form fertile soil that is good for farming. What process helps to create sand dunes in the desert or on the beach?
a) volcanic eruption
b) weathering of mountains
c) wind erosion
d) water erosion

What type of circuit(s) will cause the bulb to light?
a) closed; incomplete
b) open, complete
c) open; incomplete
d) closed; complete

Which statement is NOT true when describing conductors and insulators?
a) In electricity, a conductor is a material that electrons move through easily.
b) Most conductors are made of a metal material.
c) In electricity, a conductor and an insulator are materials that electrons move through easily.
d) In electricity, an insulator is a material that electrons cannot move through easily.

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