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What would have the greatest effect on the shape of a sand dune?
a) Change in climate
b) Change in cloud cover
c) Change in wind direction
d) Change in area temperature

Which landform will be most affected by the force of gravity?
a) One with steep slopes
b) One that is nearly flat
c) One that is surrounded by water
d) One that is located near the coast

How do glaciers change Earth’s surface?
a) Glaciers cause mudslides
b) Glaciers trigger earthquakes
c) Glaciers cause mountains to collide
d) Glaciers cut into the land carving valleys

Which most likely caused the Grand Canyon to form?
a) erosion caused by a river
b) erosion caused by heavy rain
c) deposition caused by acid rain
d) deposition caused by an earthquake

Which would most likely result over time because of erosion?
a) a wider river
b) a deeper pond
c) a thicker glacier
d) a taller mountain

Which weathering action is most effective in the formation of canyons (Think the Grand Canyon)?
a) blowing winds
b) falling rock
c) melting ice
d) moving water

Which statement defines weathering
a) the movement of materials from one place to another
b) the buildup of sediments
c) the forming of a mountain
d) the breaking down of rocks into smaller parts.

Ocean waves that move against the land and wear away the land cause
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) sediment

Rain washing away soil from a hillside is an example of
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) sediment

Layers of sediment forming at the bottom of the ocean is an example of
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) sediment

Water getting into cracks of pavement, freezing, and breaking the pavement apart is an example of __________________.
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) sediment

While hiking last year, Mike saw a large boulder next to a mountain trail. The boulder had no cracks. While hiking on the trail this year, he saw two large cracks in the boulder. Which of the following most likely caused these cracks to form?
a) acid rain
b) erosion due to falling rain and snow
c) pressure from flowing water
d) weathering due to freezing and thawing

An acorn fell into a crack in a large rock and started to grow there. What is a probable result as the seedling of an oak grows into a tree?
a) the tree will absorb the material of the rock
b) the tree roots will crack and weather the rock
c) the rock will turn into fertile soil
d) the tree will become petrified wood

The shape of a river changes over many years. Some rivers develop many twists and turns. Which would cause river to develop twists and turns?
a) The temperature of the water has changed.
b) The spring temperatures melt the ice covering the river.
c) The city builds a bridge over the river.
d) The river deposits rocks and soil along the riverbed.

What is a common cause of mudflows?
a) strong winds
b) extreme cold
c) extreme heat
d) heavy rains

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