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What are the two main groups of animals?
a) omnivores and herbivores
b) mammals and fish
c) vertebrates and invertebrates
d) amphibians and reptiles

A kind of animal is its ___?
a) trait
b) adaptation
c) kingdom
d) species

What do all animals need?
a) water, food, fur, and shelter
b) food, shelter, oxygen, and gills
c) food, oygen, water, and shelter
d) scales, oxygen, water, and food

What does an omnivore eat?
a) plants
b) meat
c) meat and plants
d) birds and fish

The shape of an animal's teeth is a/an ____ .
a) species
b) trait
c) adaption
d) kingdom

A jellyfish is a/an ____ .
a) invertebrate
b) vertebrate
c) carnivore
d) amphibian

What do you call an animal with a backbone?
a) herbivore
b) vertebrate
c) invertebrate
d) mammal

What four things do all mammals have?
a) skin, babies that are hatched, hair on their bodies, cold-blooded
b) warm-blooded, babies born alive, drink milk from the mother, feathers
c) drink milk from the mother, hair or fur on their bodies, warm-blooded, invertebrates
d) hair on their bodies, warm-blooded, drink mother's milk, vertebrates

What do fish use to breathe?
a) scales
b) gills
c) fins
d) lungs

All birds have __ .
a) bones, feathers, wings, four legs
b) feathers, beaks, wings
c) noses, arms, wings
d) bones, skin, beaks

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