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Why was Prince Henry important?
a) He sailed to the South Pole.
b) He set up a school where experts worked on problems of navigation.
c) He was the first European to set foot on North America
d) He was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa.

What kind of new ship with both square and triangle-shaped sails did Portuguese sailors design?
a) Caravel
b) Viking ship
c) Cruise ship
d) Silk Ship

Other than the North Star and the Chinese compass, what was another technology that helped explorers?
a) maps
b) Silk Road
c) GPS
d) Google Maps

What became an important tool when traveling south of the Equator?
a) Chinese Compass
b) GPS
c) North Star
d) Map Quest

How did sailors guess their latitude north of the Equator?
a) North Star
b) Map Quest
c) GPS
d) South Pole

What is navigation?
a) finding direction and following routes at sea
b) an illness
c) trade route
d) Chinese Ruler

Why was salt so valuable?
a) it preserved meat
b) it tasted great
c) it was wore as jewelry
d) it was used to heal wounds

What was more valuable than gold at one time?
a) salt
b) cinnamon
c) pepper
d) paper

This was a famous route traders used, which connected Asia and Europe
a) Silk Road
b) Spice Road
c) Crusaders Road
d) Merchant Lane

This person traveled to Asia, and lived with the ruler of China. He returned 26 years later to Venice, Italy.
a) Marco Polo
b) George Washington
c) Prince Henry
d) Vasco Da Gama

Exchanging goods for other goods, rather than for money.
a) barter
b) merchant
c) profit
d) Venice

People who made their living from buying and selling goods.
a) merchants
b) crusaders
c) Profit
d) Doctors

This in the beginning gave Europeans greater contact with Asia.
a) Crusades
b) Civil War
c) Revolutionary War
d) Chinese compass

Money that remains after the costs of running a business
a) profit
b) barter
c) crusades
d) merchant

Who were the Norse, or Vikings?
a) all of the above
b) the first Europeans to reach North America
c) North People
d) sailors and raiders

Who was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa?
a) Marco Polo
b) Prince Henry
c) Bartolomeu Dias
d) Vasco da Gama

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