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A ______________________ describes which column and row intersect to form the cell.
a) Cell address
b) Name box

A ______________________produces a calculated result, usually based on a reference to one or more cells on the worksheet.
a) Constant
b) Formula

When you click on the Save button on the Standard toolbar the first time a workbook is saved, the _____________________ dialog box appears.
a) Save
b) Save as
c) Print
d) Open

In Excel, all formulas begin with a(n) _________________________.
a) Equal sign =
b) Plus sign +
c) At sign @
d) Pound sign #

________________________ orientation produces a printed page that is taller then it is wide.
a) Portrait
b) Landscape
c) Taller
d) Wider

Which of the following is the cell address for the intersection of the first column and the fifth row?
a) 5A
b) A5
c) E1
d) 1E

Which of the following would be considered a constant?
a) Name
b) Telephone number
c) both name and telephone number
d) neither name nor telephone number

How can you tell which cell in a worksheet is the active cell?
a) It is blinking.
b) It is surrounded with a thick black border.
c) It is larger than the other cells.
d) None of the other answers

Which of the following is a valid arithmetic operator?
a) >
b) *
c) =
d) \

In the formula, =B5+B6*B7+B8/2, which part of the formula would be evaluated first?
a) B5+B6
b) B6*B7
c) B7+B8
d) B8\2

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