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The velocity of an object is the _____________of the object.
a) speed
b) momentum and weight
c) speed and direction
d) acceleration

If a car is traveling at 15 mph and increases to a speed of 45 mph in 10 seconds, what is the acceleration?
a) 3mph/s
b) 30mph
c) 30mph/s
d) 3mph

The tendency of an object to stay at rest and the tendency of an object in straight-line motion to continue moving is ________
a) motion
b) momentum
c) inertia
d) friction

Why do passengers in a car move forward when the car comes to a sudden stop?
a) inertia
b) centripetal force
c) friction
d) gravity

The change of motion of an object depends on
a) only the mass of the object
b) both the mass of the object and the size of the force
c) only the weight of the object and the size of the object
d) only the size of the force on the object

Why is the force going into a simple machine always greater than the force going out?
a) inertia
b) mechanical advantage
c) work
d) friction

Which of the following is the force that resists sliding motion between two surfaces in contact?
a) inertia
b) acceleration
c) friction
d) gravity

Children are playing tug-of-war, a contest in which each team tugs on a rope to pull the other team across a line. Everyone is tugging on the rope. Why is no one moving?
a) The net force of the two teams is zero.
b) The children do not have enough mass to create force.
c) The rope resists any change in motion
d) There is too much friction for the rope to move.

What happens when a ball rolls uphill?
a) Its speed increases.
b) Its acceleration is zero.
c) Its motion and acceleration are in the same direction.
d) Its motion and acceleration are in opposite directions.

What decreases friction?
a) rough surfaces
b) smooth surfaces
c) more speed
d) more surface area

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