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La Me’ Du Pub
a) Friend of the people
b) Enemy of the Republic
c) Meeting of the people
d) Meeting of the public

After the death of Jean Paul Marat
a) The Republic ended
b) Robespierre was declared King
c) He became a Martyr
d) The Revolution ended

About what portion of France’s population belonged to the Third Estate?
a) 60
b) 97
c) 30
d) 50

What was Robespierre new Republic named during the height of the Reign of Terror
a) Republic of Virtue
b) Nations Representative Government
c) Democratic France
d) Republic of Terror

Who was the women who executed Jean Paul Marat?
a) Mary Stonecraft
b) Georeges Danton
c) Charlotte Corday
d) Marry Wollstonecraft

This was a radical group, named for the style of breeches its members wore
a) Г©migrГ©s
b) Jacobins
c) Girondins
d) Sans-culottes

Who was known as Madame Deficit
a) Marie Antoinette
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Catherine the Great
d) Queen Victoria

What palace was the Royal Family taken to after the Parisians captured them at Versailles
a) Tuileries Palace
b) Palace of Paris
c) Palace of Trent
d) Г‰migrГ©s Palace

Which of France’s estates was NOT exempt from the taille?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

Marie Antoinette came from this Royal Austrian Family
a) Castille
b) Tudors
c) Haspburgs
d) Bourboun

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