1st Semester: Everything Darkroom! Question Preview (ID: 34164)

Part I These Questions Include The Enlarger And Pinhole Camera Development. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

If your pinhole negative is too dark, that means
a) You over exposed it (too much light and time)
b) You under exposed it (too little light and time)
c) Its fine, You want a dark negative.

What is the key to sharp images when taking a picture with a pinhole camera?
a) Hold it by hand
b) Move it during exposure
c) Bump it without fear of blurring
d) Use a tripod or weight to keep it absolutely still

If you use a paper negative (pinhole camera) and your exposure time on a sunny day is 30 seconds, then, if you move to the shade, with half the light, you should add time.
a) True
b) False

When you develop a pinhole paper negative, all tones are reversed. That is, all whites will look black and all blacks will look white.
a) True
b) False

What is the proper order of darkroom chemicals?
a) Stop, Developer, Water, Fix, Water
b) Developer, Stop, Water, Fix, Hypoclear
c) Developer, Fix, Stop, Water, Hypo Clear
d) Developer, Stop, Fix, Hypo Clear, Water

What is the chemical between the developer and the fix?
a) Hypo clear
b) Water
c) Stop Bath
d) Wetting Agent

To make a “Ghost” appear in your pinhole picture, the object or person must move out
a) 1/3 through the exposure time
b) 1/2 way through the exposure time
c) 2/3 through the exposure time
d) 1/16 through the exposure time

Which chemical makes the image appear?
a) Developer
b) Fix
c) Stop
d) Hypoclear

What is the machine called where light passes through a negative to create a photograph?
a) Test strip
b) Pinhole Camera
c) Camera
d) Enlarger

What does Hypoclear do for printed images in the darkroom?
a) Makes the image appear
b) Shortens the length of rinsing time
c) Desensitizes it to light
d) Stops development

What does Fix do to light sensitive paper?
a) Desensitizes it to light
b) Makes the image appear
c) Stops development
d) Rinses Chemicals

Fix is used for how long when developing paper in the darkroom?
a) 4 minutes
b) 5 minutes
c) 2 minutes
d) 90 seconcs

What color is the safe light?
a) Cyan
b) Magenta
c) Yellow
d) Red

This part of the enlarger allows you to sharpen the edges of the lighted area
a) Lens
b) Timer
c) Height Adjuster
d) Focusing Knob

You can brighten or dim the light by adjusting this part of the enlarger
a) focusing knob
b) lens
c) filter
d) timer

This part of the enlarger allows you to set the length of time that the light is on.
a) Focusing Knob
b) Lens
c) Template
d) Timer

What part of the enlarger allows you to enlarge the amount of space that the light projects?
a) Focusing Knob
b) Lens
c) Timer
d) Height Adjuster

After what step is it technically appropriate to bring your image out into the light?
a) Developer
b) Fix
c) Stop
d) HypoClear

Agitating means....
a) you gently move chemical baths to cover your entire image
b) you aggressively move chemical baths to cover your entire image
c) you soak your print in the chemical bath without movement
d) that your print is rinsing

This device uses REFRACTION and REFLECTION of light that passes through a tiny pinhole to produce the inverse of an image.
a) digital camera
b) pinhole camera
c) SLR

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