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When bacteria reproduce by binary fission,
a) two cells produce a third cell
b) two cells produce two more cells
c) one cell produces two cells
d) one cell produces three or more cells

A way to prevent viral infactions is through
a) genetic engineering
b) bioremediation
c) antibiotics
d) vaccinations

Which of the following is NOT true of bacteria?
a) Bacteria change nitrogen into a form plants can use.
b) Bacteria change oxygen into nitrogen.
c) Bacteria change the sugar in milk to lactic acid
d) Bacteria change harmful chemicals into harmless ones

What organism can live where nothing else lives?
a) viruses
b) eubacteria
c) cyanobacteria
d) archaebacteria

All bacteria have
a) one cell
b) two cells
c) three cells
d) four or more cells

Which of the following is NOT a shape of bacteria?
a) crystal
b) spirilla
c) cocci
d) bacilli

Which of the following is NOT a shape of viruses?
a) crystal
b) spirilla
c) sphere
d) cylinder

What is one function that viruses share with living things?
a) They eat
b) They move
c) They reproduce
d) They grow

Viruses reproduce by
a) nitrogen fixation
b) the lysogenic cycle and the lytic cycle
c) the lytic cycle only
d) binary fission

What is one way bacteria help the environment?
a) they change oxygen to a form plants can use
b) they change nitrogen to a form plants can use
c) thye change oxygen into nitrogen
d) they change nitrogen into oxygen

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