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Humidity is
a) The amount of water vapor in the air
b) How much you sweat
c) How many clouds are in the sky
d) The amount of acid accumulation in the air

Relative Humidity is
a) The pressure of water molecules in water compared to the temperature of the water
b) The pressure of water molecules in the air compared to the pressure of water molecules in water
c) only around after a thunderstorm
d) The pressure of water molecules in the air compared to water molecules in water

If the temperature is at dew point,
a) the relative humidity must be 100%
b) the air is at its saturation point
c) the rate of condensation equals evaporation
d) all of the above

If a cloud has 5 negative charges and the ground has 5 negative charges, you will get
a) lightning
b) tornadoes
c) nothing
d) srong wind

If an instrument has a wet bulb sitting next to a dry bulb, that instrument is a
a) thermometer
b) anemometer
c) psychrometer
d) pressure gauge

Relative humidity is measured by
a) pressure gauges
b) anemometers
c) thermometers
d) psychrometers

Evaporation does what in 100% humidity?
a) Gets faster
b) Gets slower
c) Stays about the same
d) Changes to a solid

Eye, Eye Wall, and the Rain Bands of a Hurricane are, by order, going in the following order:
a) Strong, Weakest, Strongest
b) Weakest, Strong, Weak
c) Strong, Stronger, Strongest
d) Weak, Weaker, Weakest

Tornadoes get stronger in the below order:
a) F0, F5, F1, F4, F2, F3
b) F5, F4, F3, F2, F1, F0
c) F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5
d) F1, F0, F3, F2, F5, F4

Tornadoes and Hurricanes are both
a) spiral, rotating storms
b) categorized on a rating scale
c) severe weather
d) all choices are correct

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