Six Weeks Assessment Question Preview (ID: 341)

Review Of Minerals, Rocks And The Divisions Of Earth Science. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the folowing is not one of the main areas of Earth Science?
a) geology
b) astronomy
c) astrology
d) oceanography

Teh area of Earth Science taht examines the physical and biological changes that have occured in Earth's past is called_________________.
a) meteorology
b) historical geology
c) physical geology
d) oceanography

How could two points 35 degress north of the equator -one in North America and the other in China- be distinguished using map coordinates?
a) by their elevation
b) by their latitude
c) by their longitude
d) by their map projection

What is the hardness of an unknon mineral that scraches glass, but will not scratch quartz?
a) 5.0
b) 8.0
c) 6.0
d) 7.5

What are the building blocks of minerals?
a) rocks
b) electrons
c) isotopes
d) elements

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mineral?
a) crystalline structure
b) either liquid or solid
c) definite chemical composition
d) formed by inorganic processes

The color of a mineral such as fluorite, changes due to________________.
a) small amounts of different elements
b) differences in density
c) differences in crystal structure
d) differences in hardness

What determines whether a mineral will show cleavage or break in irregular fractures?
a) hardness
b) density
c) internal atomic structure
d) external shape

The tendency of minerals to break along smooth flat surfaces is called _____________.
a) fracture
b) crystal form
c) streak
d) cleavage

A mineral that contains carbon, oxygen and the metallic element magnesium would be classified as a(n) ____________
a) silicate
b) oxide
c) carbonate
d) sulfate

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