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What event happened the same year France and Belgium fell to Germany?
a) President Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Act
b) President Roosevelt was reelected
c) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
d) Italy invaded Ethiopia

What two events happened in 1935?
a) President Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Act and was reelected
b) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and France fell to Germany
c) Italy invaded Ethiopia and Belgium fell to Germany
d) Italy invaded Ethiopia and President Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Act

From what country did the United States purchase Alaska?
a) Mexico
b) Australia
c) China
d) Russia

What event led to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War?
a) the explosion of the battleship "Maine"
b) Spain's refusal to sign an armistice
c) the Philippines' fight for independence
d) the United States' blockade of Cuba

How did the united States acquire Puerto Rico and Guam?
a) Spain annexed them to the United States
b) it gained them as a result of the Spanish-American War
c) it bought them from Spain
d) it gained them from the Treaty of Versailles

What event started World War I?
a) the Great Depression
b) the sinking of the "Lusitania"
c) the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
d) the attack on Pearl Harbor

How did Americans help the war effort at home during World War I?
a) They signed up with draft boards.
b) They bought Liberty Bonds.
c) They supported the Nineteenth Amendment.
d) They did not approve of the League of Nations.

Susan B. Anthony and many other women fought for suffrage. What does "suffrage" mean?
a) victory in war
b) world peace
c) the right to vote
d) the end of slavery

How did the Great Depression affect American life?
a) It caused many people to lose their jobs and homes.
b) It caused jazz to become popular.
c) It caused Henry Ford to develop the assembly line.
d) It caused the stock market to soar.

The Holocaust was an example of genocide. What does "genocide" mean?
a) a political and economic system in which the government owns all industry
b) a planned attempt to kill an entire people
c) a time when the economy does not grow
d) a system of limiting what people can buy

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