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In the years following WWI, the New York Times reported that the practice of Valentines was actually growing
a) True
d) False

In 1866 __ valentines were sent.
a) 900
b) 86,000
c) 80,000
d) 1,000

There is no evidence that the historical St Valentine had any connection to either birds or romance.
a) True
d) False

On Feb. 4 1867 the ___ interviewed Mr. J.H. Hallet.
a) Morning Call
b) New York Times
c) Wall Street Journal
d) Express Times

Special Paper used for Valentines did not start until the _____.
a) 1920s
b) 2020s
c) 1820s
d) 1720s

Valentine Cards got popular in______.
a) 2000s
b) 1900s
c) 1600s
d) 1700s

Cards in 1800s were just one piece of paper.
a) True
d) False

Valentines Day began because it was believed that the ___ began mating on that day.
a) birds
b) fish
c) bears
d) humans

____ began making Valentines Cards after receiving a card produced by an English company.
a) George Washington
b) Barrak Obama
c) Yojan Vandersmut
d) Esther A Howland

St. Valentine was an early ___ martyred by the Romans
a) Dutch
b) Jewish
c) Christian
d) British

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