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The stave in A Christmas Carol is the same as a
a) stanza in a poem
b) chapter in a story
c) character in a play

A Christmas Carol was written by
a) Norman Rockwell
b) Charles Dickens
c) Alfred Noyes

Which was NOT true of Marley's Ghost?
a) It wore a long chain that Marley had forged in life.
b) Because Marley's spirit had not gone among his fellowmen in life, it was condemned to do so after death.
c) At times, a gentle breeze blew through its hair giving it an angelic appearance.

Concerning its life as a businessman, Marley's Ghost said
a) No more honest a man could be found, but my chain was forged nonetheless.
b) Mankind was my business.
c) I cared not for business, but for the profit it afforded.

Marley warned that
a) the chain Scrooge was forging for himself was as long as his own seven Christmases ago.
b) Scrooge's business was doomed to failure.
c) his former partner's life was growing short.

At first, Scrooge dismissed Marley's ghost as
a) undigested food.
b) a bad dream that he would soon forget.
c) a prank by one of his enemies.

When the gentlemen came into his office collecting for the needy, Scrooge said
a) he supported the prisons and workhouses where they could go
b) his money prevented him from livng in poverty because he didn't give it away
c) the poor and needy had never done anything for him

What was Scrooge's response when his nephew wished him a Merry Christmas?
a) Bah! Humbug!
b) The day is not merry when one does not work.
c) Wish your merriness upon someone who wants it!

Jacob Marley had died
a) the previous year.
b) two months before.
c) seven years ago on Christmas Eve.

Scrooge's clerk Bob Cratchit didn't have a warm fire because
a) there was no stove in the office.
b) Scrooge threatened to fire him if he put more coal on it.
c) there was no coal left.

Jacob Marley had been
a) the merchant who occupied the shop next to Scrooge.
b) Scrooge's partner and only friend.
c) a happy man who enjoyed people and Christmas.

Which of the following is NOT true of Scrooge in the beginning?
a) He was well-respected as a businessman, but had not made a lot of money.
b) He was tight-fisted and solitary.
c) He was happy that people did not speak to him and avoided him.

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