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How many sides does a octagon have?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 8
d) 6

______ angle theorem states that a convex of a polygon has n sides and S is the sum of the measure of the interior angles
a) obtuse
b) interior angle theorem
c) exterior angle theorem
d) all of the above

Heptagon has how many sides?
a) 9
b) 7
c) 14
d) all of the above

a_____ of a poloygon is a segment that connects any two noncosecutive vertices
a) diagonal
b) side
c) angle
d) quadrilateral

angle if a poloygon is a convex then the sum of the measures of the _____ angles
a) interior
b) exterior
c) acute
d) obtuse

A quadrilateral with parallel opposites sides is a?
a) poloygon
b) octagon
c) parrallelogram
d) rectangle

A quadrilateral with four right angles is a____?
a) triangle
b) rectangle
c) octagon
d) polygon

Opposites sides of a parallelogram is ____?
a) Theorem 8.3
b) Theorem 8.4
c) Theorem 8.5
d) Theorem 8.6

The diangonals of a parralelogram bisectors is theorem ____?
a) 8.6
b) 8.7
c) 8.4
d) 8.3

Each diagonal of a parallelogram seperates it into theore____?
a) 8.4
b) 8.6
c) 8.8
d) 8.9

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