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the speaker's thesis:
a) opening statement
b) facts and statistics
c) point to be proven
d) type of language

to use an asterisk:
a) legal document
b) star shaped mark
c) an official letter
d) a theme song

a city statute:
a) a service
b) a law
c) sculpture
d) plan

a bibliography is:
a) a list
b) criticism
c) study
d) library

a mild recession is:
a) economic decline
b) a time of prosperity
c) a climate change
d) a change in plans

an informative brochure:
a) a discussion
b) an article
c) a journal
d) pamphlet

a broad perspective:
a) a field of knowledge
b) a point of view
c) a course of action
d) a range of choices

to discredit one's reputation:
a) to change
b) to praise
c) to forget
d) to damage

out of our jurisdiction:
a) area of authority
b) section of town
c) jury pool
d) local courthouse

the hypothetical situation:
a) important
b) imagined
c) threatening
d) promising

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