BIOL G220 Unit 4 Lecture Exam Review A Question Preview (ID: 33801)

Lecture 20 Material.[print questions]

among the agranulocytes, ______ have crescent shaped nuclei and transform into macrophages
a) monocytes
b) lymphocytes
c) eosinophils
d) basophils

among the granulocytes, ______ contain dark pigmented grana , have bilobed nuclei, and release heparin and histamine during inflamation
a) basophils
b) eosinophils
c) lymphocytes
d) neutrophil

Leukocytes are classified into two structural groups, _______ and ______, based on cellular inclusions
a) granulocytes and agranulocytes
b) nuclear and anuclear
c) thrombolytic and non-thrombolytic
d) coccilus and bacillus

ABO blood 'type' is the result of
a) antigens present on the surface of RBCs
b) antigens presented to B lymphocytes by the MCH on helper T cells
c) antibodies produced by RBS's
d) different shapes or RBC's in the circulation

erythrocytes are formed in
a) red bone marrow
b) spleen
c) liver
d) thymus

red blood cells are broken down and recycled in the ___ and ___
a) spleen and liver
b) trick question- they are renewed via mitosis
c) kidneys and pancreas
d) thymus and red bone marrow

the molecular complex in erythrocytes that selectively binds oxygen and carbon dioxide is
a) haemoglobin
b) insulin
c) erythropoetin
d) lignin

hemoglobin or haemoglobin consists of _____ and ____
a) proteins and iron
b) carbohydrates and copper
c) cholesterol and zinc
d) proteolipopolysaccharides and phosphate ions

the main function of erythrocytes aka RBCs is
a) to prevent infection
b) to transport metabolic gasses in the bloodstream
c) to maintain fluid balance in the body
d) to confuse anatomy students

the ratio of red blood cell volume to total blood volume is called
a) hematocrit
b) erythrofraction
c) sedimentation rate
d) mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration

in addition to erythrocytes and leukocytes, blood contains formed elements called
a) platelets
b) cuplets
c) spoonlets
d) incessantly by telemarketers

fibrinogen is involved in
a) blood clotting
b) nutrient transport
c) osmoregulation
d) immune response

in addition to water, plasma contains mostly
a) protein
b) lipids
c) carbohydrates
d) salts

the most prevalent class of protein in plasma is
a) albumin
b) globulins
c) fibrinogen
d) regulatory

plasma makes up about ____ of the blood by volume
a) 55%
b) 75%
c) 45%
d) 200%

since the bottom layer of the centrifuge tube contains erythrocytes, they must be ____ than leukocytes
a) denser
b) better
c) faster
d) stronger

blood has two main components
a) cells and plasma
b) red and white
c) cells and lymph
d) lipids and proteins

the cells in blood fall into 2 main categories
a) erythrocytes and leukocytes
b) afferemt and efferent
c) agranulocytes and granulocytes
d) microscopic and macroscopic

blood is a type of _______________ tissue
a) fluid connective
b) lymphatic
c) vascular
d) facial

erythrocytes can form single-file stacks called
a) roleau
b) rotella
c) arrealiia
d) panus cakus

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