Social Studies 5 Chapter 5 Set A Question Preview (ID: 33786)

Life In The Colonies.[print questions]

Which colony was founded by the Pilgrims?
a) Pennsylvania
b) Massachusetts
c) New York
d) Delaware

Which colony was founded by Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams?
a) New Jersey
b) South Carolina
c) Rhode Island
d) Georgia

Which colony was governed by the Duke of York?
a) New York
b) North Carolina
c) New Hampshire
d) Maryland

Which colony was created by the Calverts as a refuge for Catholics?
a) Virginia
b) New Jersey
c) Delaware
d) Maryland

Which colony was started by James Oglethorpe as a way for debtors to repay their debts?
a) Massachusetts
b) Georgia
c) Pennsylvania
d) Connecticut

Which colonies were started by a group of men called the Lords Proprietors?
a) North Carolina and South Carolina
b) New Jersey and New York
c) Rhode Island and Connecticut
d) Delaware and Pennsylvania

Which colonies were started by William Penn?
a) Rhode Island and Delaware
b) Pennsylvania and Delaware
c) Pennsylvania and Rhode Island
d) Pennsylvania and New Hampshire

Which colony was a refuge for Quakers?
a) New Jersey
b) Georgia
c) Virginia
d) Massachusetts

Which colony was once New Netherlands?
a) Virginia
b) South Carolina
c) Connecticut
d) New York

Which colony was known to expel those who dissented with the government?
a) Connecticut
b) Rhode Island
c) New Hampshire
d) Massachusetts

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