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The Inca used quipu because
a) Hieroglyphs carved in stone were too heavy to carry around their large mountain empire
b) Quipu could float in their many rivers and floating gardens
c) They wanted to know when to harvest their crops
d) The Inca wanted to destroy their enemies

All of the following are reasons why the conquistadors were successful except
a) They gave the Natives disease covered blankets
b) They had advanced weapons that easily killed the natives
c) They took gold from the native land
d) They turned native tribes against each other

The system of farming that carved steps into the sides of the mountains was called________ and created by the __________
a) Chinampas, Aztecs
b) Terraced Farming, Aztecs
c) Slash and Burn, Maya
d) Terraced Farming, Inca

The decline of the Aztec and Inca are similar in that
a) Both civilizations had their kings captured by conquistadors
b) Both had a huge drought that led to a lack of food
c) Both were attacked by the Tlaxcalans
d) Both were attacked by Cortes and his men

Conquistadors went to the new world in search of
a) Spreading Christianity, killing Natives, finding fame
b) Becoming wealthy, spreading Christianity, and finding fame and conquering land
c) Killing Natives, taking land, and making a name for themselves
d) Raping native women, destroying homes, and becoming wealthy

The trading of goods and diseases from Europe to the New World and from the New World to Europe was called
a) The Age of Exploration
b) Conquistadors
c) Flower Wars
d) Colombian Exchange

The goal of flower wars was mainly to
a) Gather flowers to cover the graves of fallen soldiers
b) Capture prisoners for sacrifice
c) Kill enemy warriors
d) Spread their religion

The Maya built their pyramids high into the sky because
a) They were afraid the pyramids might fall
b) They wanted many steps for sacrifice victims to fall down
c) They wanted to be close to the gods
d) They wanted to be close to the sun

Which of the following is TRUE about the Mayan calendar?
a) It had 3 parts
b) It was a rectangle
c) It was 530 days long
d) It ended in 2014

The Maya invented all but
a) Hot chocolate
b) The number zero
c) An advanced calendar
d) A map of the world

Which of the following is NOT true about the Maya
a) They were highly advanced in mathematics and astronomy
b) They had one king who ruled their empire
c) They performed human sacrifice
d) They lived in Mesoamerica

The Inca lived on
a) The Andes Mountains
b) The Himalayan Mountains
c) The Valley of Mexico
d) The Mexican rainforest

Which of the following is TRUE about the Inca?
a) They lived in central Mexico
b) Their captial city is Tikal
c) They wrote in hieroglyphs
d) They were not a Mesoamerican civilization

The conquistador that destroyed the Aztec was
a) Francisco Pizarro
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Hernan Cortes
d) Rodrigo Fernandez

The civilizations that performed human sacrifice were
a) Maya and Aztec
b) Inca and Maya
c) Tlaxcalans and Inca
d) Maya and Tlaxcalans

Which of the following did NOT contribute to the decline of the Mayan culture?
a) Overfarming wore out the soil
b) Warfare between the Maya and other peoples broke out
c) A drought led to a lack of food
d) The conquistadors captured their king

The mesoamerican culture that performed flower wars was the
a) Maya
b) Aztec
c) Inca
d) Tlaxcalans

Mayan religion was closely connected to
a) Warfare
b) Science
c) Agriculture and Farming
d) Medicine

The civilization located in South America was
a) Inca
b) Maya
c) Olmec
d) Aztec

Tenochtitlan was
a) A large Aztec swamp
b) The highly advanced Aztec city
c) The name of the Mayan calendar
d) The Incan system of writing

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