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Questions About The Path To And The Battles Of The Texas Revolution.[print questions]

Who created the most successful Anglo-American colony in Texas?
a) Stephen F. Austin
b) Green DeWitt
c) Martin DeLeon
d) Juan Seguin

What was the last battle of the Texas Revolution?
a) Goliad
b) Gonzales
c) Alamo
d) San Jacinto

The Treaty of Velasco -
a) allowed Texas to join the United States
b) paid Mexico $15 million dollars
c) ended slavery in Texas
d) guaranteed that Santa Anna would never fight Texas again

Who ordered the Goliad Massacre?
a) Sam Houston
b) General Cos
c) Santa Anna
d) James Fannin

Santa Anna was captured after which battle?
a) Coleto Creek
b) San Jacinto
c) the Alamo
d) Gonzales

Who was the commander of the Texas Army at the Battle of San Jacinto?
a) James Bowie
b) Davy Crockett
c) William B. Travis
d) Sam Houston

How many days was the Alamo under siege by the Mexican Army?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 13
d) 23

Mexican authorities who wanted to share power with the Texans were called -
a) Federalists
b) Centralists
c) Democrats
d) Republicans

Which Texas hero was a famous frontiersman?
a) William B. Travis
b) Juan Seguin
c) Sam Houston
d) Davy Crockett

The Law of 1830 ended -
a) Anglo-American immigration to Texas
b) high tariffs (taxes)
c) the Battle of Gonzales
d) arguments over slavery

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