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Is a trapezoid a parallelagram?
a) maybe
b) yes
c) no
d) depends on how you look at it

Opposite whats are congruent in a parallelagram?
a) only angles
b) only sides
c) sides and angles
d) diagonals

How many sides does a octagon have?
a) 4
b) 16
c) 12
d) 8

what is S=180(n-2)?
a) the formula for finding the sum of the interior angles
b) to find what the side are
c) all the angles equal
d) I have no idea

Consective angles are?
a) congruent
b) equal
c) supplementary
d) complementry

If a parallelagram has one right angle then?
a) all are 90
b) all are 30
c) one is 120
d) then 2 are

All of the exterior angles equal what in a ploygon?
a) 360
b) 400
c) 360.66666666666
d) 180

An exterior angle and the interior angle that connect form what?
a) the hypotenuse
b) a linear pair
c) 360
d) a right angle

In a rectangle what is always true?
a) the diagonals never equal each other
b) all of the angles are 60
c) only opposite angles are congruent
d) all angles are 90

If the legs of a trapezoid are congruent then what is true?
a) then the bases are congruent
b) that it is an isosceles trapezoid
c) that all of the angles are congruent
d) that the diagonals are all congruent

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