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The Korean war led to what?
a) Spread of Communism
b) Made a new border for China and Russia.
c) China getting larger
d) Spread of Nationalism

In the Domino Theory Stated that if one country fell to communism then the countries around it would?
a) Fall
b) Go into depession
c) Have civil wars
d) All of the above

Who won the Vietnam War?
a) Communist
b) Nationalist
c) Socialist
d) Totalitarians

The Cuban Missile Crisis Started when who put missiles in Cuba?
a) US
b) France
c) Germany

The Warsaw Pact put who under military forces in member counties?
a) US
c) China
d) Germany

What did Containment do.?
a) Try and stop spread of Nationalism
b) Try and stop spread of Communism
c) Nothing
d) Stopped WWII

The Berlin Airlift was was a response by which side.
a) Eastern
b) Western
c) Southern
d) Northern

The Marshall Plan gave Europe money to do what ?
a) fix economy
b) repair war damage
c) help with war
d) help start a new government thrive

What did the Berlin Blockade block for the US, Great Britain, and France?
a) Roads
b) Railroads
c) Canales
d) All of the Above

What countries did the Truman Doctrine protect?
a) Germany and France
b) Greece and Turkey
c) Great Britain and Spain
d) Spain and France.

Who gave the speech to seal the Iron Curtain.
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Harry S. Truman
c) Stalin
d) Winston Churchill

Who were the three men that met at the Potsdam Conference?
a) Hitler, Stalin, and George Bush.
b) Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Hitler
c) Harry S. Truman, Hitler, and Stalin
d) Harry S. Truman, Winston Churchill, and Stalin

What did NATO protect people from?
b) Nationalism
c) communism
d) Germany

Who won in the Civil Chinese war?
a) Communism
b) Nationalism
c) Democracy
d) Japan

The Solidarity Movement changed them from communist to what
a) Republic
b) Socialist
c) Dimocracy
d) Nationalist

The Berlin Wall separated what from what? ( government wise )
a) Democracy from Socialist
b) Totalitarianism from Nationalist
c) Nationalist from Communist
d) Totalitarianism from Democracy

Perestroika ended what in Russia?
a) Socialism
b) Communism
c) Democracy
d) Nationalism

Glasnost made the USSR more what?
a) Communism
b) Socialism
c) Nationalism
d) Democratic

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