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Duplicate information in a database.
a) redundant data
b) report
c) ribbon
d) tab

A group of database tables that is connected or linked by a defined relationship that ties the information together.
a) ribbon
b) relational database
c) report
d) normalization

A database object that presents information in a format that is easy to read and print.
a) ribbon
b) tab
c) table
d) report

A graphic band across the top of the screen that contains tabs and groups of commands.
a) object
b) primary key
c) ribbon
d) query

An area of activity on the Ribbon.
a) tab
b) record
c) database
d) data

The most basic database object; stores data in categories.
a) file tab
b) field
c) form
d) table

The column in a database that uniquely identifies each row.
a) primary key
b) file tab
c) ribbon tab
d) form

A database object that simplifies the process of entering, editing, and displaying data.
a) report
b) form
c) query
d) table

A tool for collecting and organizing information.
a) objects
b) primary key
c) database
d) field

The kind of information a field contains—whether text, number, date/time, or some other type.
a) data
b) data type
c) database
d) dialog box launcher

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