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Hexagon has how many sides?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 8
d) 6

What is the formula for finding the sum of the interior angles?
a) S= 180(n-2)
b) S=180(2-n)
c) S=180(n-4)
d) S=360(n-2)

What is the sum of all the exterior angles of any polygon?
a) 540
b) 900
c) 360
d) 180

What are congruent in a parallelagram?
a) opposite sides and angles
b) oppsite angles
c) all the angles
d) all of the sides

If one of the angles is a right angle then which of the following is true?
a) all the sides and angles are congruent
b) all of the angles equal 60
c) all of the angles equal 90
d) all the sides are congruent

Diagonals that bisect each other do what?
a) they are not congruent
b) you cannot prove that the figure is a parallelagram
c) the sides always equals 8
d) one side of the diagonals is congruent to the other side

In a rectangle what is true?
a) opposite sides and angles are congruent
b) if the diagonals are not congruent it is a rectangles
c) consecutive angles are complementary
d) that all the angles equal 4

The diagonals of what parallelagram are perpendicular?
a) rectangle
b) rectangle and rombi
c) rombi
d) square

Both pair of base angles of an isosceles trapazoid are...?
a) less than 90
b) a linear pair
c) more than 90
d) congruent

The what of a trapezoid is parallel to the bases, and its measure is one-half the sum of the measusre of the bases.
a) average
b) height
c) median
d) bisecting point

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