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the first organisms to grow in secondary succession is
a) shrubs and trees
b) lichen and moss
c) grasses and weeds
d) large woody plants

Catastrophic events can
a) speed up weathering and erosion
b) uproot plants and trees
c) cause increased competition among organisms
d) all of these

Which of the following causes the water table to lower
a) adding paved surfaces
b) using wells
c) polluting surface water
d) using a rocky aquifer

During aquatic and land succession you can expect
a) varieties of plants and animals changing until a stable community is reached
b) changes in the variety of plants only until a stable community is reached
c) changes in animals only until a stable community is reached
d) grasses to grow bigger and bigger until they turn into trees

How does paved surfaces affect groundwater and surface water
a) raises the water table and reduces sediment entering lakes
b) prevents water from entering the aquifer and increases runoff into lakes
c) drains the aquifer and causes lakes to flood
d) reduces pollution into groundwater and surface water

carbonation in Edward's Plateau causes
a) canyons
b) polluted ground water
c) exfoliation
d) caves and sinkholes

secondary succession
a) starts with rock
b) starts with soil
c) starts with trees
d) starts with shrubs

the ultimate goal of succession is to
a) create an unstable community
b) experience seasonal changes
c) create a stable community
d) decrease biodiversity

Primary succession...
a) starts with soil
b) starts with rock
c) starts with trees
d) starts with grasses

Catastrophic events can cause all of the following in ecosystems except
a) destroying houses and cars
b) destroying animal habitats
c) increasing competition among organisms
d) displacing organisms

How can humans affect where ground water becomes surface water?
a) using a well
b) removing land to build buildings
c) paving surfaces
d) dumping waste in lakes

Which of the following is not considered surface water?
a) lakes
b) ponds
c) rivers
d) well water

The top level of groundwater is the
a) saturated zone
b) water table
c) bedrock
d) unsaturated zone

the slow predictable changes in an ecosystem is
a) biodiversity
b) ecological succession
c) watershed
d) photosynthesis

Why would pineywoods and other ecoregions experience less soil erosion
a) they have lots of animals
b) they have fewer plants
c) they have more plants
d) they are dry and sandy

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