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Chapter 4 Lessons 1 And 2.[print questions]

Which group rebelled against the Assyrians?
a) Sumerians
b) Babylonians
c) Chaldeans

The first Sumerian kings were probably
a) farmers
b) war heroes
c) artisans

Sumerian artisans, merchants, farmers, and fisherman made up this group.
a) lower class
b) middle class
c) business class

Skilled workers who made metal products, cloth, or pottery are called
a) merchants
b) artisans
c) priests

Who was the king of the Akkadians who conquered all of Mesopotamia?
a) Sargon
b) Gilgamesh
c) Hammurabi

These people built a great army to protect their lands from invasion.
a) Chaldeans
b) Babylonians
c) Assyrians

Sumerian kings claimed they received their power from the
a) previous king
b) city's gods
c) Tigris River

Who created and ruled the Babylonian Empire?
a) Marduk
b) Nabopolassar
c) Hammurabi

The Chaldeans of Babylon were the first peopel to
a) sell goods to traveling merchants.
b) use wheels for transportation.
c) follow a seven-day week.

Mesopotamia's climate was
a) temperate.
b) always cold.
c) hot and dry.

To support Babylon's building projects and military, Nebuchadnezzar
a) stole from neighboring city-states.
b) started wars throughout the region.
c) collected very high taxes from his people.

Before the monarchy, the early rulers of Sumerian city-states were
a) priests.
b) kings.
c) gods.

What made it possible for the Chaldeans to take back power from the Assyrians?
a) Many Assyrians died of disease.
b) The Assyrians were fighting each other.
c) The Assyrians were conquering other lands.

Fine particles of fertile soil
a) surplus
b) cuneiform
c) silt

Assyrian king who built a library at Nineveh
a) Ashurbanipal
b) Hammurabi
c) Akkad

What happened in 2340 BC as a result of conflict between Sumer's city-states?
a) The Assyrians built a powerful military.
b) Hammurabi developed his code of laws.
c) Sargon conquered all that was left of Sumer.

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