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American Revolution Continues And Ends.[print questions]

Bernardo de Galvez, James Armistead and Wentworth Cheswell were all:
a) In the Boston Massacre
b) Signers of the Declaration of Indpendence
c) Heroes of the American Revolution
d) Artists of the Colonial Period

Who said, Remember the ladies?
a) Abigail Adams
b) Mercy Otis Warren
c) John Paul Jones
d) Haym Soloman

Which problem with England was solved by the Constitution?
a) process of creating new states
b) congress must pass taxes
c) president can declare war
d) resettling Native Americans

Which writing influenced by John Locke has the idea that people have a right to overthrow a bad government?
a) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Mayflower Compact
d) Proclamation of 1763

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are:
a) unalienable rights
b) states rights
c) legal rights
d) fun

The final battle of the Revolution was
a) Yorktown
b) Lexington
c) Concord
d) Saratoga

John Paul Jones is known for...
a) being a parent
b) being a soldier
c) being a Navy hero
d) being President

Common Sense persuaded people to...
a) eat fish
b) want independence
c) protest
d) drink tea

Which of the choices below was a Jewish-American merchant?
a) Wentworth Cheswell
b) Crispus Attucks
c) James Armistead
d) Haym Soloman

Which of the choices below was a slave and a spy?
a) James Armistead
b) Haym Soloman
c) Wentworth Cheswell
d) Crispus Attucks

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