Chapter 37 Vocab And Deponents Question Preview (ID: 33680)

37.[print questions]

we are testing
a) experitur
b) experiemur
c) experimur
d) experietur

even if
a) etiamsi
b) vel
c) cotidie
d) utilis

a) cotidie
b) vel
c) utilis
d) etiamsi

he will speak
a) loguitur
b) loquetur
c) loquuntur
d) loquentur

to set out
a) profiscere
b) profiscimini
c) profisci
d) profiscor

Set out, boys!
a) profiscere
b) profiscimini
c) profisci
d) profiscor

of the most learned brothers
a) fratrum eruditiorum
b) fratrum eruditissimum
c) fratrum eruditissimorum
d) fratrum eruditiorem

Conati eramus ientaculum edere.
a) Breakfast was tried to be eaten by us.
b) We had tried to eat breakfast.
c) We were trying to eat breakfast.
d) we have tried to be eating breakfast.

a) I try
b) he tries
c) i will try
d) he will try

The horses are more useful than the carriage.
a) Equi sunt utilior quam raedis.
b) Equi sunt utilior quam raedae.
c) Equi sunt utiliores quam raedae.
d) Equi sunt utiliores quam raedis

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