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Taxs And Offices.[print questions]

Who is the new vice president of the united states
a) Joe biden
b) John bell Edwards
c) Mike pence
d) Nancy Regan

What are the requirements for supreme court election
a) None
b) To be a citizen

Who is the head of the house of repressives
a) The speaker
b) The leader
c) The president
d) The homeless man

What body makes up the legislative branch
a) The President
b) Chief justice
c) A homeless man
d) Congress

Who is hea of the executive branches
a) The President
b) Chief justice
c) Some random dude
d) Congress

Who is the head of the supreme court
a) The president
b) Chief justice
c) Some random dude
d) Bill Clinton

Tax on property
a) Sales tax
b) Property tax

Tarrif put on an imported good to raise the price so people by from their country's
a) Indirect tax
b) Direct tax
c) Income tax
d) Excise tax

Tax paid to vote
a) Sales tax
b) Poll tax
c) Insurance
d) Income tax

Tax placed on imports
a) Sales tax
b) Income tax
c) Tarrif
d) They don't have one

Hey how are ya 12341234
a) 1234123412341234

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