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Part 2 Review.[print questions]

A mixed economy is one that
a) only allows the people to make economic decisions
b) only allows the government to make economic decisions
c) Is a combination of a market, command and traditional economy
d) is based solely on customs from generation to generation

What is an example of a natural resource?
a) coal, iron, and zinc
b) machinery and tools
c) tomatoes and automobiles
d) the education of workers

In which country would it be most difficult for a person to start a business?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) UK
d) about the same for each.

What relationship exists between the standard of living and literacy rate in Europe?
a) Low literacy rate and high standard of living
b) high literacy rate and high standard of living
c) high literacy rate and low standard of living
d) literacy rate does not affect standard of living

What of the following is NOT a characteristic of a 3rd world country?
a) they usually have the best jobs and the most literate people
b) the have little education
c) a third world country is still developing
d) health care is not always available

When states or lower level governments work together to run a country what type of government do they have?
a) federal
b) unitary
c) oligarchy
d) confederation

Present-day Germany can best be described as a ....
a) dictatorship
b) unitary
c) federal
d) confederation

Which of the following is a synonym for an Oligarchy?
a) company
b) group
c) king
d) single

In what ways are an Oligarchy and an Autocracy alike?
a) They both can be described as a federal government
b) Citizens have no say in who becomes the leader
c) Citizens have a lot of say in who becomes leader
d) Italy has both types of government

What is NOT a reason the EU was created?
a) To turn Europe into a competitive economic body
b) to help support and build strong militaries in Europe
c) to help with education, farming, and trade
d) create a free trade zone

What has been the greatest benefit of the EU?
a) An increase in oligarchies in europe
b) political power with a new constitution and army
c) economic cooperation with free trade and new technology
d) a new leader and form of government

Which of the following is NOT an example of an Autocracy?
a) dictatorship
b) king
c) czar
d) congress

Who elects the Chief executive in a parliamentary system?
a) citizens
b) legislative branch (Parliament)
c) the Queen
d) the electoral college

Which two systems are exact opposites?
a) Unitary and Federal
b) Federal and Confederation
c) Confederation and Unitary
d) Heck if I know.

You live in a large country with many states. The government's power is divided between a central/national gov and state/local govs. Which government system do you have?
a) Communist
b) Federal
c) Unitary
d) Monarchy

How is the leader of the UK chosen?
a) The people of the UK directly vote for their leader.
b) The Parliament chooses the Prime Minister
c) The Royal Family selects the next president
d) The Chancellor is chosen by senior members of the Federal Assembly.

How does Russia's head of government come to power?
a) The Upper Duma selects the Russiam Premier
b) Russian voters choose the president
c) The President is appointed by the House of Lords
d) There is no head of government in Russia.

What is an important way citizens of a democracy can influence the governmnet?
a) working
b) obeying laws
c) consuming goods
d) voting

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