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Everything inside the cell membrane including the organelles but not inside the organelles.
a) cytoplasm
b) cytosol
c) stroma
d) matrix

Which is always present ?
a) actin
b) intermediate filaments
c) microtubles
d) aster fibers

What is the correct term for cellular drinking?
a) pinocytosis
b) phagocytosis
c) receptor mediated endocytosis
d) exocytosis

Which of the following is NOT a job of the SER?
a) making steriods
b) making fats
c) making polypeptide chains
d) making hormones

Which statement below is false?
a) All cells have non-membrane bound organelles
b) Prokaryotes have non-membrane bound organelles
c) Eukaryotes have membrane bound organelles
d) Prokaryotes have membrane bound organelles

A centrasome is made of...
a) microtubules
b) actin
c) intermediate filaments
d) aster fibers

Which is NOT true regarding RNA?
a) contains the base A
b) has 1 less oxygen than DNA
c) helix
d) found in all types of cells

What form is DNA in during mitosis?
a) Chromosomes
b) Chromatin
c) Histones
d) Polypeptide Chain

Which organelle below does not contain DNA?
a) Nucleus
b) Chloroplast
c) SER
d) Mitochondria

Which macromolecule contains a peptide bond?
a) Lipid
b) Nucleic Acid
c) Carbohydrate
d) Protein

Which of the following is NOT associated with plant cells alone?
a) cell wall
b) thylakoid
c) chloroplast
d) granum

Which is the process of making mRNA?
a) Translation
b) Transcription
c) Translocation
d) Transformation

What part of the cytoskeleton is involved in cytokineses?
a) intermediate filaments
b) actin
c) microtubules
d) macrotubules

Which of the following is made of actin?
a) aster fibers
b) flagella
c) spindle
d) vesicle transportation

What organelle performs photosynthesis?
a) Mitochondria
b) Chloroplast
c) SER
d) RER

Where is ATP made?
a) matrix
b) stroma
c) cristae
d) outer memebrane

What organelle is NOT found in a plant cell?
a) vacoule
b) mitochondria
c) cell membrane
d) centriole

What organelle contains stroma?
a) Mitochondria
b) Chloroplast
c) SER
d) RER

What organelle is responsible for respiration?
a) Mitochondria
b) Chloroplast
c) SER
d) RER

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