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Which is NOT a sign of a possible chemical change?
a) color changing
b) temperature changes
c) cutting something into smaller pieces
d) forming a precipitate

What is a reactant in a chemical equation?
a) The substance produced
b) The substance you start with

What is a product in a chemical equation
a) The final substance produced
b) The substances you start with

2H2+O2 = 2H2O The product in this chemical equation is made of....
a) Two elements
b) One compound one element
c) two compounds
d) One compound

Which of these applies ONLY to elements?
a) essential to life
b) found on the periodic table
c) made from more than one element
d) found on earth

Which of these applies ONLY to compounds?
a) Found on the periodic table
b) Essential to life
c) Forms in a chemical reaction
d) Found on earth

Which of these applies to BOTH elements and compounds?
a) Pure substance
b) Formed from a chemical reaction
c) Found on the periodic table
d) Made from more than one element

What is the sign of a chemical change when rust forms?
a) The temperature changes
b) A gas is released
c) The molecules spread apart
d) A color change

C6H12O6 How many elements are in this equation?
a) 3
b) 24
c) 1
d) 82

Sugar dissolving into water is a physical change because...
a) The sugar does not change the molecules just spread out
b) The color changes when they dissolve
c) A gas is released when it dissolves
d) A precipitate forms when the sugar dissolves

There are how many hydrogen atoms in this molecule? C12H22O11
a) 12
b) 22
c) 11
d) 45

Which of the following substances is a compound?
a) Be
b) Fe14
c) H12Co
d) O2

What is a physical change
a) When something changes forever
b) When something seems to change but stays the same chemically
c) When a new substance is formed

Students are given a sample of an unknown material. They want to perform tests to determine its density. Which test is MOST likely to change the sample into another material?
a) dissolving it into water
b) heating it until it melts
c) grinding it into powder
d) burning it into flame

When something burns it it a
a) physical change
b) chemical change

What is a chemical change
a) when a substance is changed into a new substance
b) when something seems to change but stays the same chemically
c) When something is broken
d) When an object changes states of matter.

The Best Friend's Club uses invisible ink to write notes to each other. The invisible ink is actually lemon juice that is clear when it dries on paper, but turns brown when a club member holds a burning candle under the paper. Once it is heated, it i
a) A physical change because the color changed
b) A physical change because they wrote on the paper
c) A chemical change because the the lemon juice burned into a new color
d) a chemical change because bubbles were produced.

Vanessa had a beaker with a small amount of baking soda. She added a few drops of vinegar to the baking soda and observed fizzing and bubbling. Based on her observation, which of these can Vanessa determine about her experimentIt wa
a) It was hot
b) It was a gas
c) It was magnetic
d) It was a conductor

Which of these is a pure substance
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Both elements and compounds
d) mixtures

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