Gt's Unit 4 Question Preview (ID: 33631)

4th Set Of Vocabulary Words.[print questions]

to correct mistakes in writing
a) myth
b) genre
c) idiom
d) edit

to talk about with another person or group of people
a) discuss
b) myth
c) edit
d) resolution

the comparison of one thing to another without using the words like or as
a) climax
b) metaphor
c) imagery
d) discuss

a group of words having a different meaning that what they say; example: It's raining cats and dogs
a) resolution
b) myth
c) genre
d) idiom

Using a lot of description so you can visually see what you are reading
a) imagery
b) climax
c) discuss
d) literature

written works, for example books or pamphlets
a) resolution
b) literature
c) edit
d) myth

In literature, solving a problem at the end of the story
a) idiom
b) climax
c) resolution
d) genre

a category or classification used in artistic works, for example: movies or books
a) literature
b) genre
c) edit
d) myth

a false belief or idea that many believe to be true
a) resolution
b) imagery
c) myth
d) climax

In literature, the most important and exciting part of the story
a) climax
b) resolution
c) metaphor
d) myth

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