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Treating all specimens as if potentially infectious is known as
a) standard precautions
b) chemical exposure precautions
c) universal precautions
d) biohazard precautions

What temperature should be maintained in the refrigerator to preserve reagents and specimens?
a) 4 degrees F
b) 4 degrees C
c) - 4 degrees C
d) - 4 degrees F

The ability of the microscope to maintain an image after switching the objective to a higher power is known as
a) fine focusing
b) resolving power
c) refractive power
d) parfocal

A lab certified to perform automated testing and some microscopy
a) both moderate complexity and PPM (physician performed microscopy)
b) moderate complexity
c) PPM (physician performed microscopy)
d) neither moderate complexity or PPM (physician performed microscopy)

Danger related to the exposure to toxic, unstable, explosive, or flammable materials is known as
a) physicial hazard
b) biological hazard
c) chemical hazard
d) fire hazard

The acronym PASS is defined as
a) pull, alarm, squeeze, sweep
b) point, aim, sweep, squeeze
c) pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
d) point, alarm, squeeze, sweep

The part of the microscope that allows different areas of the specimen to be seen
a) mechanical stage controls
b) stage
c) fine focus adjustment
d) revolving nosepiece

Part of the microscope that allows for the adjustment of the stream of light
a) condenser
b) iris diaphragm
c) illuminator
d) reostat

If the total magnification of an object is 1200 and the objective lens is 1000X, what is the power of the ocular?
a) 120X
b) 1.2X
c) 12X
d) 1200X

The agency that is concerned with quality test results is
d) CLIA '88

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