Unit 5: Great Depression Question Preview (ID: 33618)

Unit 5: Great Depression Vocabulary.[print questions]

New Deal/Nuevo Acuerdo
a) New Special Sale
b) Market Based Economics
c) Promise to Fix Country
d) Hoover's Plan

a) Arguments
b) Bills
c) Congress
d) Taxes

22nd Amendment/ Enmienda 22
a) Women Can Vote
b) Limits Presidents Terms
c) Banned Alcohol
d) Allowed Twitter

Fireside Chats/ Charlas de Hogar
a) Reassure the Public
b) Set the Public on Fire
c) Something Like Facebook Chats
d) IDK

Court Packing Scheme/Esquema de corte de embalaje
a) Jailing Justices; FDR
b) Firing Justices; Hoover
c) Scheming with Justices; Hoover
d) Adding Justices; FDR

Supreme Court/Corte Suprema
a) Musical Group of the 70's
b) Highest Court
c) Monarchy's Court
d) Lowest Court

Bank Deposits/ Depósitos Bancarios
a) Money in Bank
b) Bank Tellers
c) Banking a Free Throw
d) Bank Specialty Services

President Term Limits/Limitación de Mandatos Presidenciales
a) 2 terms that last 2 years
b) 1 term that last 4 years
c) 1 term that last 2 years
d) 2 terms that last 4 years

Stability/ Estabilidad
a) Change
b) Stay the Same
c) Move in Circles
d) Move up and Down

Economic Downturn/ Centro Económico
a) Stock Market Rebound
b) Store Openings
c) Economics for Children
d) Depression

a) Being Sad
b) No Money, No Jobs
c) Good Times
d) An Indentation

Bank Run/Corrida Bancaria
a) Running the Country
b) Getting Money From Bank
c) Banks Running Away
d) Bank Booms

Economic Welfare/Bienestar Económico
a) State of the Economy
b) Health
c) Monetary Aid
d) Money to Big Business

a) Goods Going Out
b) Goods Coming In
c) Taxes
d) Business Rights

a) Goods Going Out
b) Goods Coming In
c) Taxes
d) Business Rights

a) Being a Patriot
b) Forced Return to Home Country
c) Honoring the Motherland
d) Colonization

a) Home Loan
b) Home Destruction
c) Home Fire
d) Home Economics

a) Cities
b) Urbanization
c) Food/Farmland
d) Eating

a) Benefits
b) Problem
c) Special
d) A Cool Song

a) Elected Official
b) Someone Who Takes Notes
c) President
d) Ruler of a Country

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