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In this type of electrical circuit one broken bulb would mean that all others also go out
a) Parallel
b) Series
c) Pyramidal
d) Circular

The current is the same everywhere in this type of circuit
a) Parallel
b) Series
c) Pyramidal
d) Circular

This type of energy is stored in a stretched elastic band
a) Atomic
b) Sound
c) Light
d) Potential

The type of energy we give an object whern we force it to move faster
a) Chemical
b) Potential
c) Kinetic
d) Heat

The main type of energy given out by a mp3 player
a) sound
b) heat
c) potential
d) magnetic

When we use an ordinary bulb it turns electricity into
a) Heat and chemical
b) Heat and Light
c) Light and sound
d) Light and chemical

A battery is used to make an electric motor turn. The source of energy is
a) light
b) atomic
c) Kinetic
d) Chemical

A coal fired power station turns Chemical energy into
a) Elecricity only
b) Heat and electricity
c) Heat and sound only
d) Heat only

In this type of Heat movement the energy is passed from one particle to another by direct contact
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Insulation

Convection is heat transfer when particles move from one place to another taking energy with them. It works best in
a) Solids and gases
b) Solids and Liquids
c) Liquids and Gases
d) Solids

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