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All of the following are modes of transmission for HIV except
a) hand shake
b) amniotic fluid
c) semen
d) blood

A mechanical pipette is an example of
a) work practice control
b) engineering control
c) standard precautions
d) PPE

_______ changes the refraction of light so fine detail can be seen at upper levels of magnification
a) Mechanical stage
b) Fine focus adjustment
c) 100X Objective
d) Immersion oil

The microbiology incubator needs to be maintained at a temperature of ______
a) 37 degrees F
b) 34 degrees C
c) 37 degrees C
d) 35 degrees F

The substance being tested in a specimen, such as glucose or cholesterol in a blood specimen is called
a) coagulation
b) reference value
c) controls
d) analyte

The objective lens with the most working distance is ____
a) 45X (High)
b) 10X (Low)
c) High dry
d) 100X Oil Immersion

Which laboratory department tests CBC’s and cellular components of blood?
a) hematology
b) urinalysis
c) chemistry
d) coagualtion

The physician uses which of the following to make a diagnosis?
a) diagnostic and laboratory results
b) all of the answers are used
c) health history
d) physical exam

A patient who is in homeostasis will produce the following test results
a) lab test results that are invalid
b) laboratory test results that are above normal
c) laboratory test results that reveal the existence of an imbalance in the body
d) lab test results that fall within the normal range

Danger related to the exposure to toxic, unstable, explosive, or flammable materials is known as
a) chemical hazards
b) all of the answers
c) biohazards
d) physical hazards

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