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soccer world cup winner 2006
a) France
b) Portugal
c) Italy
d) Brazil

rugby world cup 2008 winner
a) South Africa
b) Argentina
c) Northern Ireland
d) New Zealand

tennis wimbledon winner 2009
a) Andy Rodic
b) Andy Murray
c) Rafael Nadal
d) Roger Federer

The golf club mainly used at the tee
a) putter
b) Driver
c) wedge
d) 7 iron

Football euro 2008 final winner
a) Scotland
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) Sweeden

rugby team in 6 nations cup
a) wales
b) germany
c) norway
d) russia

name of sport not played on ice
a) curling
b) ice skating
c) shinty
d) hockey

name of country Rafael Nadal is from
a) Switzerland
b) russia
c) iceland
d) spain

how many national football teams play in the euro tournament
a) 51
b) 200
c) 14
d) 82

name of sport not played on a tarmac track
a) F1 Racing
b) Motocross
c) MotoGP
d) Lorry racing

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