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Where does the energy that power the water cycle come from
a) sun
b) water
c) plants
d) clouds

What is evaporation?
a) water freezes
b) water vapor meets cold air changes back into liquid
c) water gets warm and changes from liquid water to water vapor
d) plants take in water from the soil

In which step(s) of the water cycle does water lose energy
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipiation
d) all steps

what is the term for rising water vapor meeting colder air turning back into water droplets
a) condensation
b) precipiation
c) dehydration
d) evaporation

what are the three stages of water cycle?
a) condensation, precipiation, hibernation
b) precipiation, dehydration, evaporation
c) evaporation, condensation, precipiation
d) transpiration,dehydration, condensation

Where is water vapor found?
a) in the air around you
b) in your breath
c) in steam from a kettle
d) all of the above

Where does some water from the water cycle collect underground?
a) aquariums
b) aquifers
c) aqueducts
d) aquatic parks

Which contains the greatest amount of Earth's freshwater?
a) groundwater
b) oceans and seas
c) lakes and rivers
d) glaciers and polar ice cap

Which of the following describe an aquifer's ability to allow water to flow through?
a) porosity
b) geology
c) recharge
d) permeability

Where does a natural spring occur?
a) where water enter an aquifer
b) where the zone of aeration meets Earth's surface
c) where the water table meets Earth's surface
d) Where the zone of aeration meets the zone of saturation

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