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The system of government in which voters select officials to conduct government on their behalf is ___.
a) socialism
b) federalism
c) representative government
d) pure democracy

Judge Lisa Schafer was tried and convicted of stealing jewelry from the mall. She received a fine and 10 days in jail. Which fundamental principle does that represent?
a) a system of checks and balances
b) the rule of law
c) consent of the governed
d) seperation of powers

People are the source of any and all government power. This statement represents _____.
a) consent of the governed
b) separation of powers
c) democracy
d) voters

Democracy is a form of government in which the........
a) republicans make decisions
b) the president makes all the decisions
c) democrats make decisions
d) the people rule

This form of rule has given power to the government to do only what the people have consented to and nothing further.
a) limited government
b) consent of the governed
c) democracy
d) rule of the people

Another way of saying consent of the governed is _______.
a) permission of the democrats
b) permission of the government
c) permission of the citizens
d) permission of the republicans

Mrs. Riley allows the students to decide on what homework assignment they'd rather do. This is a form of _____.
a) ownership
b) democracy
c) socialism
d) federalism

For another assignment Mrs. Riley allows the students to choose someone in class to pick their homework assignment. This is a form of _____.
a) democracy
b) limited government
c) the rule of the people
d) representative government

___________means the people have the power to rule.
a) Popular sovereignty
b) Popular rule
c) Monarchy
d) Ruling votes

When we elect a new president, we are practicing________.
a) representative democracy
b) democracy
c) consent of the governed
d) monarchy

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