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A mining process in which rock is stripped away to expose mineral deposits near the surface
a) placer mining
b) undersea mining
c) surface mining
d) subsurface mining

A concentration of mineral fragments at the bottom of a stream or river bed is a
a) hydrothermal solution
b) nodule
c) placer deposit
d) native element

mineral deposit from which metals and nonmetals can be removed profitably
a) nodule
b) ore
c) vein
d) gemstone

rare nonmetallic mineral valued for its brilliance and color
a) gemstone
b) ore
c) nodule
d) lode

mineral deposit made up of many thick mineral veins in a rock formation
a) ore
b) lode
c) gemstone
d) nodule

The most abundant fossil fuel in the world is
a) petroleum
b) crude oil
c) coal
d) natural gas

natural resource formed from the remains of living things
a) fossil fuel
b) anthracite
c) petroleum
d) crude oil

unrefined petroleum is
a) bituminous coal
b) gas
c) petroleum
d) crude oil

in a passive solar energy system, energy is collected by
a) the moon
b) windows facing the sun
c) a solar collector
d) a photovoltaic cell

in an active solar collecting system, energy is collected by
a) the moon
b) windows facing the sun
c) a bucket
d) a photovoltaic cell

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