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Energy stored in the bonds between atoms is:
a) light energy
b) electrical energy
c) chemical potential energy
d) kinetic energy

Energy produced by moving electrons is:
a) thermal energy
b) kinetic energy
c) potential energy
d) electrical energy

Where do you get chemical energy from?
a) food
b) sleeping
c) rubbing your hands together
d) drawing

Surfs up! I'm an energy that rides on longitudinal waves. What am I?
a) electrical energy
b) elastic potential energy
c) light energy
d) sound energy

What is an example of elastic potential energy?
a) bed spring
b) bag
c) book
d) paper

I can be bent, but go back to normal. What am I?
a) light energy
b) thermal energy
c) electrical energy
d) elastic potential energy

If a cup is on the edge of a table then the cup falls, what was the energy the cup started with?
a) kinetic energy
b) gravitational potential energy
c) chemical potential energy
d) elastic potential energy

The ability to make something move is:
a) movement
b) power
c) force
d) energy

What is thermal energy?
a) a substance that gets colder
b) when something changes form
c) kinetic energy in the atoms of a substance
d) a longitudinal wave travelling through a medium

I am an energy produced by a component in an atom. What am I?
a) thermal energy
b) sound energy
c) electrical energy
d) potential energy

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