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Definition: A meal laid out on a table or sideboard so that guests may serve themselves.
a) Chic
b) Anarchy
c) Buffet
d) Unsavory

Synonyms: Clear, Coherent, Comprehensible...
a) Articulate
b) Unsavory
c) Typhoon
d) Underhanded

Filling in the Blank: The ___________ wrecked the entire coast of India.
a) Furlough
b) Relic
c) Impostor
d) Typhoon

Definition: A vacation or leave of absence granted to an enlisted person.
a) Chic
b) Furlough
c) Exhort
d) Cunning

Synonyms: Barren, Fruitless, Worthless
a) Futile
b) Exemption
c) Natty
d) Pique

"Joe wore a very good-looking tuxedo to his concert. He looked very neat and smart in dress and appearance." Which word best describes Joe?
a) Natty
b) Impostor
c) Unsavory
d) Subside

Filling in the Blank: After the last of the firecrackers went off, the noise ________, and all was quiet.
a) Cunning
b) Subsided
c) Articulate
d) Haywire

Filling in the Blank: The soldier received an _______ from Abraham Lincoln, and was forgiven any past offenses.
a) Amnesty
b) Impostor
c) Furlough
d) Relic

Definition: A surviving memorial of something past
a) Impostor
b) Fetter
c) Cunning
d) Relic

Filling in the Blank: Bob __________ his dog to a pole outside the store.
a) Tether
b) Unsavory
c) Chic
d) Pique

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